At Begin Again Thrift, we understand the importance of respecting copyright and intellectual property rights. This Images Policy outlines our guidelines and practices regarding the use of images on our website.

1. Image Sourcing:

  • We strive to use images that are either created by us, obtained from royalty-free image sources, or used with permission from the copyright owner.
  • Images sourced from third-party websites are credited appropriately, and we make every effort to comply with licensing terms and conditions.

2. Royalty-Free Images:

  • We primarily use images from royalty-free image repositories such as Openverse and Pixabay.
  • These images are available for commercial use and do not require attribution, although we make an effort to provide credit whenever possible.

3. Original Content:

  • Whenever feasible, we create original images or graphics for use on our website.
  • Original content allows us to maintain unique branding and avoid potential copyright issues associated with third-party images.

4. Attribution:

  • If we use images that require attribution, we provide appropriate credit to the copyright owner in the caption or image caption.
  • We believe in giving credit to creators and respecting their intellectual property rights.

5. Removal of Images:

  • If you believe that an image used on our website infringes upon your copyright or intellectual property rights, please contact us immediately at
  • Upon receipt of a valid copyright infringement notice, we will promptly remove the disputed image from our website and investigate the matter further.

6. Compliance:

  • We are committed to complying with all applicable copyright laws and regulations.
  • We encourage photographers, artists, and content creators to reach out to us if they have any concerns about the use of their images on our website.

7. User Responsibility:

  • Users are responsible for ensuring that any images they upload or submit to us do not infringe upon the rights of others.
  • By submitting images to us, users affirm that they have the necessary rights or permissions to use and distribute the images.

Contact Us: If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Images Policy or the use of images on our website, please contact us at We appreciate your cooperation and commitment to respecting copyright and intellectual property rights.

Thank you for visiting Begin Again Thrift.

Ahmed Owner, Begin Again Thrift